Not just your everyday 'fly me out from Point A to Point B' company

Our Backstory

After carefully observing the fast pace at which Media & Entertainment industries operate, the endless struggles that come with organizing equipment and crew in time for shoots and the lack of people to do the above, producers Achal Manglik and Abhilash Gupt decided to put two and two together.

Our Present

Based out of Mumbai and Delhi and with multiple offices across India, Frizzon Travel thrives on providing tailor-made solutions that fit the on the go lifestyle of the media industry. Our broad range of services caters to artists and production houses with corporate travel solutions, media logistics, artist itinerary planning, leisure trips and the other customary 'pre - during - post' travel services.

Words from Us to You:

At Frizzon Travel, we take our customers and values seriously. Very seriously.

For us, words like loyalty and reliability are synonymous with forging relationships where you can take that leap of faith, break the 'should I trust them or not' barrier and remember that we are here for you!